Peace Corps In Zaqatala

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Peace Corps- 50 years. Do we have Peace Corps volunteers in Azerbaijan? Yes,we

We’ve had Peace Corps volunteers in Zaqatala for five years. Yeah, There can be a
couple of questions which you are interested in? Why they are here? In
Azerbaijan Peace Corps has 3 levels. But 2 levels are very important for
Zaqatala. 1. To teach English. 2. Youth development. What  are they? I want to explain why these two
things are very important.

During the past 5 years a lot of people attended “English conversation clubs”. And Now
–most of them speak in English very well. Peace Corps volunteers also helped
our English teachers to improve their English.

There are Photo clubs, Summer camp, Flex and Toefl preparation clubs,Youth
group,Cooking club, Girls night,Map project,Movie night, Conversation clubs for
boys and girls,running club and ..so on . Besides learning English Youth in
Zaqatala attend Peace Corps clubs make friends and spend Their time
together.There are a lot of things to say about P.C  in Zaqatala.But I want to say THANK YOU for
all things L…, J…, M…, J…, E…, D…, J…,N…, D….,G…,..

IT is my first Article in English if I had mistakes: I am SORRY.

From Konul to All Peace Corps. HAPPY 50 YEARS!!!!.

  1. AMAZING POST and wonderful English!

    🙂 I am so glad you are my counterpart!

  2. Peace Corps In Zaqatala « from zaqatala to the world…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. I think each of us have learned just as much form everyone in Zaqatala as you guys have probably learned from us! So, Thank YOU! I loved the article in English! I think you should do one in English once a week or every other week! I miss all of your smiling faces!

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